We are solely dependent upon fundraising events and private donations to support our cause. If you would like to help any of the animals at Helping Animals Left Orphaned your tax-deductible donation can be made via paypal at paypal.me/HALOINC  or Venmo @HALOINC

While financial donations are appreciated you can also help support our organization by shopping at Krogers. To get started, sign in with your Kroger Plus Card and select Community Rewards - you'll find us by searching our name Helping Animals Left Orphaned or entering our organization number: 60040. Once you're enrolled, you'll earn rewards for our organization every time you shop and use your Plus Card!


It only takes MINUTES to setup but makes such a big difference! Please help and ask one friend or family to help support us!

You can also support us by remembering Helping Animals Left Orphaned when ordering through Amazon. At no cost to you, Amazon will donate .5% of the price of your eligible purchases to our organization.

We have also partnered with Shoe Box Recycling and are collecting gently used shoes for reuse. We need your gently used shoes!  Helping Animals Left Orphaned has partnered with Shoe Box Recycling. Together we are on a mission to help promote the importance of shoe recycling while raising funds to help further our rescue efforts. 

Participating is simple. We are collecting gently used shoes for reuse, meaning all the shoes we recycle as a group are destined for another home. From South America and Africa to areas right here in the United States, our ShoeBox Recycling efforts will go to help people and communities in over 50 countries. And what’s even better are the many ways that our community benefits as well. Not only will your recycled shoes help Helping Animals Left Orphaned raise funds, it will also help keep usable shoes out of our local landfills. So start cleaning out your closets and start looking under your bed for gently used shoes. Every pair you recycle means extra funds for us, less landfill waste and the potential to connect us to a SoleMate! If you live locally we can pick up shoes!

If you would like to help but do not live locally please contact us by email so that we can arrange to have a shoe box mailed directly to you. This would be a great project for families, youth groups, or just anyone wanting to make a difference.