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It is through your kindness that we may continue our mission to save innocent animals slated for euthanasia. Your donations are urgently needed. Please join our mission to save these precious creatures and help reach our goal of no animal left orphaned.  No donation is too small. ALL are life saving.

Please remember Helping Animals Left Orphaned when ordering through Amazon. At no cost to you, Amazon will donate .5% of the price of your eligible purchases to further our cause.

​To Donate by Paypal, Log in your PayPal account, Click Send Money to friend at the top of the page and enter in our email address: and click next, review and confirm the amount is correct and click send. 


Urgent Projects

H.A.L.O has several pending projects; however, our top priority is to acquire funding to renovate a small structure into a kenneling facility and fence in a two-acre area. Upon completion of this project not only will be able to increase the number of animals that we can foster, including those with special behavioral needs, but we will be able to offer respite care, free of charge, to our Rescues. Without these dedicated individuals, hundreds of animals would be euthanized – but the reality is, most rescues directors and their loved ones haven’t been on a vacation in years because they simply can’t afford to board the dogs in their care and many have to close their rescues in times of family crisis such as illness or the death of loved ones. This is an opportunity for us to give back to those that truly give all.